Oracle Technologies

Golden Gate Technology Solutions offers a range of Oracle Application Services, from designing and architecting new database systems to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems to operating and maintaining those same systems. When it comes to the health of your data and apps, our remote monitoring of the OS will help you keep track of security vulnerabilities so they can be addressed in a timely manner by sending alerts through your internal communication software. 

JAVA Technologies

Golden Gate Technology Solutions is a global leader in Java mobile and web application development services. We have extensive experience in creating cutting-edge applications using Java’s ever-advancing innovation and frameworks. Our experts builds intuitive and progressive Java framework applications that oblige clients to effortlessly get to the insights they require at a marginal additional cost contrasted with keeping up with the standard Java arranged system. 

Python Scripting

We are a leading Python web development company and have extensive experience in Python app development, ranging from development, data exchange, and enhancement to migrating legacy apps to Python applications. Our experts provide professional, efficient customer service by deploying customer friendly project management systems. 

Microsoft Technologies

Golden Gate Technology Solution’s Microsoft programming group focuses on Microsoft technologies and operations. Our experts will help you integrate new versions of the software, troubleshoot when things go wrong, set up databases and more. Our expertise with these diverse tools can strengthen your enterprise deployments and help you build better solutions.

Opensource Technologies

Our Open Source technology expertise has helped businesses like yours develop solutions with limited budget. By making use of our IT mastery and knowledge, we enable corporations to develop solutions which meet the criteria for sustainable business continuity. Our global team of Sales & Delivery professionals gives you a local presence at every stage of your engagement which demonstrates the depth of our expertise.

Database administration

Your data is your organization’s lifeline. Without it, your business would be unable to extend its reach or scale from their current point of entry into the market. We bring together a team of table-managing data blocks and makes sure your database is optimized and ready for any kind of relational transaction. Once you’ve gone through our re:work process, you’ll have mastered the art of managing a data-driven organization that thrives on scalability without making a compromise in terms of overall security and integrity.

BIG Data

We offer big data services that help companies put their big data to good use . This service helps clients benefit from the big data environment and achieve business goals with big data analysis. We help by enabling Simplified enablement of Big Data Strategy, Real-Time data processing, and Big Data Analytics.

IBM Technologies

We understand that small and medium-sized businesses face many challenges in today’s ever evolving market place, especially when it comes to providing their customers with the service and quality products they demand. That is why Golden Gate Technology Solutions offers a program that can not only help you in your IT efforts but also provide you with access to a high-level of support so that any questions or concerns about your systems can be answered quickly and effectively.

SAP Technologies

We as a team can build and implement enterprise-scale solutions for SAP landscapes. We offer complete lifecycle software development services on SAP as well as complementary technologies including cloud, mobile, big data, and IoT. We are uniquely positioned to help you create new business value through the transformation of business processes and workflows.

Other Technologies

Golden Gate Technology Solutions offers an extensive stock of first-class practices when it comes to open source technologies like PEGA, TABLEAU, Informatics & Sales Force Developmenet . We conceptualize on your specified requirements so we can suggest the most proficient feasible solution to cover all bases with the best outcome. We’ll deliver first-rate solutions with reliable products, guarantee you quality assurance and stability from performance.

Testing Technologies

We help organizations bolster the completeness and robustness of their testing and automation practices. We understand that these undeniably beneficial practices need to be an integrated part of your entire organization if they are actually going to work. That is why we provide a comprehensive suite of testing services and ensure maximum efficiency by constantly striving to improve our quality assurance processes. Whatever your business needs, we make sure you get the most out of your time with us.